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Fuck You

2011-05-17 00:14:23 by IMPERVIOUSthaEJ

I'm losing ambition in all forms of my love. I have no more for free running, drawing, writing... I believe that I might be slowly becoming a pedestrian! AHHHHHHHHH!!! All that is left, is to get a fucking REAL job and buy a voice recorder. From there I can start recording bits for a routine and possibly become what I've always dreamed of being... a comedian...

Trying to find myself

2011-04-21 21:05:16 by IMPERVIOUSthaEJ

I think over time, during my reformation, I have lost who I used to love being. That kinda sucks!

Ore no motokano wa sho mo ne yariman datta! I can't do the special character, but I think these will do fine...

Seriously guys....

2011-03-28 03:27:46 by IMPERVIOUSthaEJ

That Robo Bacon-Neck Falcon video is the shit. That's all I got, love for bacon necks... and not the collars that 'Hanes' is apparently trying to put down. I don't wear collared shirts, I don't know!

New crap

2011-03-16 23:05:37 by IMPERVIOUSthaEJ

I don't care if you do or don't care! JK! Just some art that I did a long time ago, but feel it was alright... and shit I wasn't doing anything else! Go check it out if ya got the time... It isn't anything impressive but it was done with a pencil and well,.... I don't see much pencil work!

Keeth33 is a nut swingin', hound doggin' douche bag! Otherwise, why would he continuously pester me? I can think of no other reason, besides maybe that he's a twelve year old talkin' on folks about shit he don't know. Hi Keeth!


2011-03-04 07:07:11 by IMPERVIOUSthaEJ

This is a lame post, LAME! Bye now!

But WTF does it matter anyhow, I don't. If your reading this, and enjoying yourself... you have effectively proved me wrong. Congrats! Until then... go die or something...